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Boş Derslik


We provide tailor-made trainings to our clients according to their needs and the audience profile in order to outline the basic concepts of law or the expected legislation which will have significant effect on the company's long/short term strategies. 

Start-Up Law

Start-up law training aims to define the most appropriate legal structure during the company establishment process, as well as the important points that are needed to be taken into consideration during the preparation of the necessary legal documentation, including SPAs, SHAs, NDAs and standard contract templates. During the training, we will also be discussing about the recent fundings and incentives applicable to start-up companies in Turkey. 

Open Data

In today’s world, data-driven ecosystems are becoming more and more important. One of the concepts that emerged due to the fact that data is seen as the new capital of the global economy is Open Data.


In this training, the definition, its relationship with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies will be discussed by giving worldwide examples and Open Data will be evaluated in terms of different legal principles such as intellectual property law and personal data protection legislation.

Smart Contracts and NFTs

Smart contracts are seen as one of the most important applications of blockchain technologies and have great examples in the finance, logistics, banking and insurance sectors. In the first part of this training, general knowledge and definition of smart contracts will be discussed, as well as smart contracts’ application areas and the intersection areas of smart contracts with law.

In the second part of the training, the concept of NFT will be evaluated from a legal perspective by giving examples and the contribution of NFTs to digital transformation will be discussed.

Digital Assets 

In this training, the sub-concepts of digital assets will be defined together with the applicable  legislation and required licenses in Turkey.

New Technology and Its Impact on the Practice of Law

In this training, we will be giving definitions of the new emerging technologies and will be discussing their impact on the practice of law.

Some of the questions that will be answered during the training are; «what are the legal issues related to new technologies», «how should a new product or service must be evaluated in a legal point of view», « what are the key concepts of a compliance project » and so on.

FinTech Regulations 

Digital transformation in the financial industries is a continuous process affecting products and services provided to end users, internal processes and existing service models. Newly developed and implemented technologies are changing the conventional understanding of the business as well as the interaction with the end-users. Over the past years, the importance of FinTech has grown significantly, and this has also affected the legislative background both in European Union and in Turkey.

In this training, we discuss the current and expected legislative changes in respect to the FinTech sector.

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