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Businesses are changing and companies need to adopt their business models by implementing new tech tools.

As TBL Legal, we work with our clients in order to designate the most appropriate legal tech tools, which is the future of legal processes. 

We know that the world is changing, so are we. 

We listen to our clients' needs and help them to implement the best legal tech tools which provide fast data processing, transparency and reduce costs. 

Aşırı Doymuş Nesne
Aşırı Doymuş Nesne

Legal Operations Consultancy

We bring together a multidisciplinary team to approach the legal inefficiencies in your team. We enable legal departments to serve their clients more effectively by applying business and technical practices to the delivery of legal services. Our consultancy services include strategic planning, financial management, project management, and technology portfolio investment so that we remove inefficiencies from the picture and your legal team can focus on providing legal advice.

Legal Tech Consultancy

These services are two-fold:

(1) solving pain points with existing legal tech solutions, or (2) by using the core principles of design thinking (Empathize, Design, Ideate, Prototype, Test) finding unique tech-based solutions to your specific inefficiencies.

We know or engage with most of the legal tech providers out there so we are able to offer solutions that fits your problems so that you don’t have to put efforts in navigating a whole new market. We also provide implementation help for these partners. 

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