Technology Law

Küreselleşme kavramı

We are in a new era of legal, data and tech-driven services. As the world of technology continues to expand and evolve, we present ourselves as a law firm focused on business areas where technology plays a fundamental role. 

Our services include; 

◆Legal support in respect to the general business structure and set ups,

◆regulatory advice, legal structuring and implementing innovative technology solutions in respect to the cloud computing, big data, open data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, blockchain technologies and smart contracts, 

◆implementation and in-life management of technology projects as well as the renegotiation of distressed projects, by providing end-to-end service and supporting our clients through all stages of the technology projects, 

◆negotiating and drafting software, outsourcing, IP and IT agreements, 

◆intellectual property advice relating to technology, digital assets and digital contents such as code, software, NFTs, e-books and more, 

◆legal assistance for the establishment of FinTech institutions and crypto currency platforms, drafting agreements and other legal documentation,

◆regulatory guidance and legal advice for the established FinTech institutions, crypto currency platforms and start-ups alike, 

◆performing legal due diligence for the potential investments on the companies that operate in technology sector, by reviewing and negotiating any type of acquisition or investment contracts, as well as the identification of potential investment roots,

◆conducting training sessions in respect to the new technologies and their legal requirements to our clients.

Start-up Law

sanayi makinesi yakın çekim

As TBL Legal, we are constantly inspired by people who dare to dream big and start exciting new businesses. 

From inception to launch and beyond, we assist our start-up clients for the establishment of the most appropriate legal structure, preparation of the necessary legal documentation and the funding and incentives. 

Our services include;

◆General business structure and set up advice, 

◆employee stock ownership plans, 

◆intellectual property strategy and advice, 

◆drafting agreements to be concluded with partners, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees and contractors, 

◆regulatory guidance and legal advice for the required permits and licenses, 

◆conducting training sessions in order to create awareness for the legal requirements of the new technologies that our start-up clients intend to implement. 

Privacy Law

Satırlardaki Heykeller

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.​ In today's world, data is more than just a string of numbers and letters. As TBL Legal, we know that it is vital to use the information properly, by being compliant with the laws. 

TBL Legal provides advice to its clients to navigate the complex landscape of compliance by providing pragmatic and business-focused solutions.


Our services include;


◆Drafting legal documentation, policies, procedures, as well as data transfer agreements,

◆supporting projects involving new technologies, giving advice on the regulatory compliance of the implementation of new services and/or products, 

◆providing daily assistance and creation of a roadmap for a full-scope regulatory compliance project,  

◆conducting training sessions in order to create awareness in respect to the data protection requirements, 

◆assisting our clients for taking necessary actions in respect to the employment relationship; in order to integrate solid data protection and security measures in the workplaces.

Regulatory Compliance

Kitap Sayfaları

At TBL Legal, we have chosen to pay special attention to regulatory matters in the various sectors. 

In this regard, we support our clients for the regulatory compliance, by giving legal advices for the fulfillment of regulatory requirements in respect to the laws and competent authority decisions. 

Our services include;

Conducting compliance projects for the implementation of new products and/or services, 

creating a roadmap by stating necessary actions to be completed in order to be compliant with the laws, 

finding pragmatic solutions that meet business needs, which also help our clients to conduct their business in accordance with the legislative requirements, 

◆supporting our clients who operate in regulated sectors, in light of the emerging technologies and newly regularized areas of law. 

identify red-flags and create mitigation plan in respect to the bribery, corruption and anti-money laundering laws, by providing pragmatic solutions to our clients through every phase of planning, execution and audit programs, 

◆drafting and reviewing currently existing policies and procedures of our international clients in respect to the local requirements. 

Commercial Law

Tip Yazar

Inspired by the intersection of creativity and commerce, as TBL Legal, we help our clients for bringing their ideas to life and achieve commercial success along the way. 

Our services include; 

◆ setting up business or restructuring business, 


drafting and negotiating all types of commercial agreements, including but not limited to the confidentiality, supplier, customer, services, lease and partnership agreements, 

reviewing our clients' international agreement templates to ensure these are consistent and enforceable in Turkey,

supporting our clients to create tailor-made standard template terms and conditions to be concluded with a wide range of stakeholders, including franchisees, suppliers, distributors and customers. 

Employment Law

Satranç taşları yakın çekim

TBL Legal provides advice to its clients on various labor and social security issues, including corporate restructuring and corporate transactions that have an impact on labor relationships, as well as daily employment requests. 

Due to the emerging technologies, new services are emerging which affect employment relationships as well. For this reason, we are committed to helping start-ups and conventional businesses understand their employment rights and obligations by promoting safe, effective and legally compliant workplaces. 

Our services include; 

Drafting and negotiating employment, contractor, freelancer agreements, 

assisting our international clients to create or review currently existing employment agreement templates as per the local law requirements, 

providing legal assistance during the termination processes of the employment relationships, including creation of notice, mutual agreement and other necessary legal documentation, 

reviewing and/or drafting employment agreements to be concluded by and between our clients and their upper management teams,

employee stock ownership plans, 

creating and/or reviewing policies and procedures in respect to the labor and social security legislation, as well as remote work requirements, 

supporting our local and international clients during their restructuring processes, including business transfers, for the creation of a roadmap and helping them to take necessary actions as per the local requirements,

conducting tailor-made training sessions to our clients' human resources departments and upper management teams regarding employment law, occupational health and safety, entitlements, dismissals and workplace regulations.